Our design process

It’s of benefit for prospective clients to have an overview of our methods, and here we divide the brand identity design process into a number of sections, giving you a look at how we work.

The design brief

A detailed design brief ensures that no time is wasted, and that clients receive targeted design options from the outset. The brief helps focus attention on the areas that best serve the business in question, ensuring the final result is both relevant and effective.

Research and brainstorming

We spend time considering the answers, and then begin the second stage of the process—research and brainstorming. What do we take into account here? Client competition, trends in the market, what sets the client apart, the history of the business, the future, the current brand, and the one aspired towards.


Sketching ideas helps me to generate a large number of possible directions. Most of them will eventually be made redundant, but the point is to think laterally and not rule anything out in order to achieve the most effective logo design.

Rendering / prototype design

This stage involves taking my ideas and transferring them to computer, and into Adobe Illustrator. The number of design variations clients receive depends upon how many effective outcomes we believe there to be.

Creative presentation / client feedback

Design options are sent via PDF file, as polished ideas. They’ll be formatted in black-on-white, and white-on-black, helping clients to concentrate on the shape and form of the identity, and not become distracted by easily-changed aesthetics. Colour, if used, is left until the end.

Now it’s over to the client to spend some time thinking about what we’ve provided. We always welcome questions or possible suggestions.

Finishing touches / revisions

Following client review, we’ll then either finalize the identity, or make any revisions suggested and agreed upon. Our main aim is to create a brand identity that works for the respective business, and works for many years to come, and there’ll always be flexibility in our process.

File creation and supply

Once finalized, we create vector artwork and send via email.

Vector files (mainly used for printed projects) can be scaled to any size without loss of quality, unlike a raster file (mainly used online), which becomes pixelated when enlarged.

We supply original files for use in print and online. We can accommodate specific file requirement requests.

Customer service

Our service to clients doesn’t end once they’ve paid the final installment. Many keep in touch, be it to ask our opinion on design, to provide examples of their design in context, or just to say hi. We don’t plan on disappearing anytime soon.

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