What's in a name?

Pro·cre·at·or n. (pro'kre-at'or)
1. To beget and conceive (offspring).
2. To produce or create; originate.

What’s in a name? Plenty! We wanted a brand that reflected what we do, we wanted it to be memorable and we wanted it to be fun. Ideally, our name should convey the expertise, value and uniqueness of the services we offer. While trying to come up with a name for our studio, many ideas were bounced around but none seemed to convey our purpose. After pondering tirelessly over just the right name we decided to just keep it simple and express what we really do best. Simply put, we are professional, creative people. We are ‘Pro-Creators’. ‘Voilà!’ the name was shortened to Procreator and a studio was born.

Welcome to Procreator

Procreator sprouted on the scene nearly 9 years ago. As the little studio that thought it could Procreator has grown with the support of our clients. Procreator specializing in graphic design, web development, marketing and publishing. Design your best year ever!

Craig Waterfield is a graphic designer with nearly 15 years in traditional media, web development and modern technologies spanning across marketing, pubic relations, media relations, sales, communications, web/software development, advertising, print, and trade show collateral.

What we do

We create well crafted solutions for print, identity, illustration and online projects. At Procreator Studio, design must perform a function, and that function is to facilitate communication. It is for this reason that we tend to refer to our specialty as graphic communication rather than graphic design. Form should never be put above function. Instead, they should walk hand-in-hand with function leading the way. We strive to apply this philosophy in everything we do.

How we do it

When working with Procreator you will receive a friendly design service where every project is handled with care and attention to detail is paramount. From first meeting to final delivery, no matter how small or large a project, you can be assured that every question will be answered and cups of tea will never be far away.

Design Your Best Year Ever!

Print and the environment

Procreator loves print, but we also love trees, the environment and all things green and growing.

We've always believed that by sourcing high quality recycled paper and board and by selecting like-minded print houses that the environmental impact of a print project could be vastly reduced without impacting on quality.

There are many methods and means to reducing the impact of a print project. Some affect budget and some don't. By discussing options and by working together we can help to make your project as earth friendly as possible.


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There are no full time, internship or work placement vacancies with Procreator at present.