27 Jun 2011

Newspapers: The business of bringing you the news

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In this post, Newspaper’s: The business of bringing you the news. Lets face it… Newspapers' needed to lean and cut the fat! As our newspaper's become nothing more than glorified flyer wraps; costs drastically need to be reduced, trees need to be cut down to deliver 24 hour old news information, and distribution needs to be rained in as we see tens of thousands of newspapers hit the blue bin every month. We won't mention the gas guzzling delivery trunks or the door to door delivery of the news… I don't want to break their perfectly crafted bubble, but… Everything runs its course in its own time. Read more

19 Apr 2010

General interest: Spring is here and for the majority of us we welcome the warmer weather with open arms

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Spring is here and for the majority of us we welcome the warmer weather with open arms. Seasonal workers, local farmer’s and garden centres are gearing up for a busy season. Cities and townships are preparing to maintain our communities in full bloom. I hope you take it all in; from locally grown organic produce, the vast colours and smells of flowers of all shapes and sizes, to a leisurely stroll along our lakefront paths and of course locally sponsored events within our community. Read more

25 Mar 2010

Viral Marketing: New Rules of ‘word-of-mouse’

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We will discuss how business owners are ditching conventional media for something that until lately seemed unconventional; Viral Marketing: New Rules of ‘Word-of-Mouse’. Communicating to a small but powerful group of fans first online to enlist their support is a smart way to ensure positive coverage in the mainstream press. The power of the Internet makes it easier for people to fall in love with you faster. Traditional media takes weeks to build brand awareness and months to build preference. The Internet can make your brand famous literally overnight. Read more

23 Mar 2010

The Champion Heartache: Official CBC Radio 3 Site Live

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The Champion Heartache; After spending years alone attempting to write and record music on his 4 track recorder in his hometown of Oshawa, Matt Holtby decided he’d like to try recording a collection of songs with friend and producer Billy Blasko, a member of hometown favs, The Stables. After a straight year of overnight sessions in a smokey apartment studio, they decided they needed some outside help to not only add some flavour to the record, but to perform the songs live. After putting the final touches on their self titled debut, The Champion Heartache was born. Read more

17 Mar 2010

Management 101: The ‘Right’ Stuff

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The Right stuff: How do sales manager deal with their front line?

Does your sales manager have the right stuff? Or do they backslide? Manager’s must realize that they must grow leaders. And grow them fast, before their competition does. They need to keep their sale force and customer’s happy by whatever means necessary. Read more

14 Mar 2010

Bullpen 101: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

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I decided to write this blog post because of my dear friend. Bullpen 101: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly will shed some light on the types of sales reps companies keep in there stable and what sets them apart from their peers? My friend is an accomplished sales rep and even through the recession of 2009 managed to increase sales. Bizarre, why would we find this bizarre? People can actually flourish when faced with the most discouraging economic conditions. But ‘how’ do these types of sales reps keep there chins up through tough times? Read more

05 Mar 2010

Vice: Sex sells

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This may be a bit risque for the followers viewing my site, but SEX SELLS!Vice’, Procreator’s new blog entry, will include the not so subtle side of sex used in conventional advertising media to sell a product. ‘Vice’ will feature the advertising industries faults, depravities, sins, iniquities, wickedness’ and corruption. Read more

02 Mar 2010

Newspaper 2.0: The end game

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There’s two seconds left on the clock, it’s the third, and last down. We’re on the twenty-something yard line folks.

Newspaper 2.0: The end game, will discuss the newspaper industry struggle to keep old readers captivated, enticing new followers who were ‘not born to read’, turn to other online resources – Most surveys predict that young people won’t read print editions when they grow older.

The swift change these local newspaper companies have made to a digital media company might come too late. News stories remain the main focus on these sites for the moment, other local information is increasing. The ‘end game’ for these online newspapers is to control rich databases of broad local content used to power calendars, recommendations, lifestyle services as well as neighborhood-level stories across multiple platforms. Read more

19 Feb 2010


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Simplicity’s only adversary is Temptation.

As our world gets more complex, discussions about simplicity grow.

I found in my own life that I thrived on complexity. I designed elaborate, overly thought-out and complicated projects. I worked at my life as if it were one of my projects. I only rested when the work was done, but I always found more work to do! Read more

18 Feb 2010

A Snap decision: SNAP Newspaper Group’s growing appeal

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The new kid on the block, is gaining momentum. SNAP Newspaper Group’s growing appeal seems like it’s here to stay. Reader’s and advertiser’s don’t need to make another snap decision when it comes to this new community newspaper. The growing popularity towards SNAP is it’s photographically rich, free to consumers; capturing the life and entertainment and overall spirit in each and every community in which they’re published. Read more