19 Apr 2010

General interest: Spring is here and for the majority of us we welcome the warmer weather with open arms

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Spring is here and for the majority of us we welcome the warmer weather with open arms. Seasonal workers, local farmer’s and garden centres are gearing up for a busy season. Cities and townships are preparing to maintain our communities in full bloom. I hope you take it all in; from locally grown organic produce, the vast colours and smells of flowers of all shapes and sizes, to a leisurely stroll along our lakefront paths and of course locally sponsored events within our community.

Outside my front door tulips bulbs have sprouted through the ground and the greenery in our gardens have finally awaken from their winter slumber. As the summer warmth grows I look forward to the scent of rose’s in the air. Corny, but we should all take the time to stop and smell the rose’s. Here is something I have adopted as a gift of kindness for friends and loved ones, I give a rose bush. Try it, it reaps benefits that are incomparable.

A few years ago I had a monument made for my mothers garden on her 60th birthday with this inscription – All the flowers of all the tomorrows are in the seeds of today. How fitting of a testament.

With summer fast approaching, actually right around the corner. I am looking forward to a lucrative season. But what would summer be if it were all work and no play, right! I spend my summer’s enjoying family barbecue’s. Swimming pools become an oasis from the summer heat and of course the laughter of children is all around. There are plenty of day trips, camping outings and of course visits to local patio’s for sipping Mojito’s and Margarita’s with close friends. Durham Region offers up so many wonderful things to do and this summer my girlfriend and I plan on making the most of what Durham has to offer. Equally as importantly I plan to spend more time on the water sailing lake Ontario with my father, something I haven’t enjoyed in many years.

How do you plan to spend your summer? Do you become a weekend warrior? Do you hit the road to cottage country? Do you  spend a little time sitting on the dock of the bay? Do you cast-off and go fishing or recreational boating? Are you a sun worshiper flocking to one of our many beaches? However you choose to spend your summer,  surround yourself with those who mean everything to you and remember; ‘laughter is our own ray of sunshine that we share with others’.

Here is a list of items I keep in the trunk of the car:

  • Two fishing poles and tackle
  • A back pack containing a couple bottles of water, dried nuts and other non-perishable food items.
  • Sunglasses, sunscreen and bug repellent
  • Digital camera
  • Peanuts and bird seed for nature walks and trips to the zoo
  • A large blanket or towel
  • Knife, fork and utility tool like a Leatherman
  • Road map

An adventure awaits you and it all starts now! Remember plan for fun but expect the unexpected. Always have a First Aid kit handy. – Have a fun and safe summer!

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