23 Mar 2010

The Champion Heartache: Official CBC Radio 3 Site Live

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The Champion Heartache; After spending years alone attempting to write and record music on his 4 track recorder in his hometown of Oshawa, Matt Holtby decided he’d like to try recording a collection of songs with friend and producer Billy Blasko, a member of hometown favs, The Stables. After a straight year of overnight sessions in a smokey apartment studio, they decided they needed some outside help to not only add some flavour to the record, but to perform the songs live. After putting the final touches on their self titled debut, The Champion Heartache was born.

Now a complete lineup featuring the talents of Trish Robb, Brendan Lawless, Derek Giberson, Sean Maclean and Craig Toutant, the band set out to play for new faces. The Champion Heartache has over a two year period playing a wide variety of local shows, including showcases at North By North East, Lee’s Palace, The Horseshoe Tavern, and so many more, the band decided it was time to begin recording their second album, this time as a more collaborative effort. After spending another year of tracking and mixing on their own terms, the band is set to release “Indoor Voices.”

The Champion Heartache album was recorded in between sessions at a family cottage in Wasaga Beach, The Music Scene in Whitby, and sessions in Holtby’s own basement studio in Courtice. “This time, we just did a lot of jamming, and feel the next release is a true pop rock record. Lots of fun four minute rockers.” The album will see a release this summer.

4 Responses to “The Champion Heartache: Official CBC Radio 3 Site Live”

  1. Brendan says:

    Thanks for the interest Craig! There’s songs posted on the site as well in case anyone’s interested in what we sound like. Cheers!

    Nice work mate.

  2. Ryan D says:

    Great band with an amazing sense of musical brillance!

  3. Christian-Ann Goulet says:

    Excellent band. Best of luck in all future endeavours!!

  4. tera says:

    Congrats keep up the good work,, its a tough market,, stay strong, peace skills and respect TLC

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