17 Mar 2010

Management 101: The ‘Right’ Stuff

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The Right stuff: How do sales manager deal with their front line?

Does your sales manager have the right stuff? Or do they backslide? Manager’s must realize that they must grow leaders. And grow them fast, before their competition does. They need to keep their sale force and customer’s happy by whatever means necessary.

Manager’s know that their customers buy with their hearts, they trust their emotions; Emotion vs. Reason; that is, emotion leads to action and reason leads to conclusions.

What is the emotional engagement? These manager’s need to recognize that consumer purchases needed to become more weighted towards emotional attributes over functional benefits, it is becoming increasingly apparent that our changing social climate is now demanding brands be assessed by their integrity and genuine commitment to communicating honestly about who they are, what they do, and what they represent.

How do they become part of a community? Manager’s must lead by example, even outside the boardroom. They need to create a culture, within their office, and everyone must know there role. Manger’s need to instill a belief structure, they need to force correction, or changes in attitude, and always push the envelop. A manager’s role is to be out in front, not tucked away in their offices. Manager’s must commit to excellence! The Golden rule – do what is right, and don’t mind ruffling a few feathers along the way. – Treat your sales reps right and they will treat your customers right.

  • 1. Set clear expectations/goals
  • 2. Identify & discuss learning & development needs of staff
  • 3. Mentor
  • 4. Promote creativity
  • 5. Talk about people’s strengths within team
  • 6. Manage by excellence, lead by example
  • 7. Offer feedback
  • 8. Recognise desired behaviours, give praise and celebrate success
  • 9. Engage a culture of participation
  • 10. Delegate/Empower staff

2010 Believe! Work on your dreams everyday! ~ You only have one chance to fail!

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