05 Mar 2010

Vice: Sex sells

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This may be a bit risque for the followers viewing my site, but SEX SELLS!Vice’, Procreator’s new blog entry, will include the not so subtle side of sex used in conventional advertising media to sell a product. ‘Vice’ will feature the advertising industries faults, depravities, sins, iniquities, wickedness’ and corruption.

Advertising and sex have been tied together since advertising became a big business. The use of sexually suggestive images to sell just about everything really emphasizes the point that sex is a merchandiser’s best friend.

How do Advertiser’s do this

Sex is the second strongest of the psychological appeals, right behind self-preservation. The purpose of advertising is to convince people that products are of use to them in one way or another. If people agree, they will buy them. However, advertising must do its job very quickly. Changes in advertising are, of course, changing as society changes. Advertiser’s are smart, women in today’s society are much more liberated than they have been in millennia past.

Current advertising has realized this change in women’s perception of sex and sexual activity. This is beginning to alter its approach to sex as a selling tool to women. This is a clear indication that a womans’ concern is attracting the attention of men from which to choose, and that by using theses products, they will aid her in her quest.

How do they do this, they advertise to people’s vanity or self esteem by pointing out their faults, defects, an infirmity or merely our bad habits. These are only a few tools used by Ad agencies to create the allure of fantasy.

Responsibility in Advertising

What moral roles do companies sell to our culture? Morality refers directly to what is right and wrong, regardless of what people think. It could be defined as the conduct of the ideal “moral” person in a certain situation. We shouldn’t have to remind our media companies  of any ‘personal morality’ that they might have/lack. There are valuable business lessons to be learned from companies by abstaining from sexually objectifying their brands.

Most recently we have witnesses some changes in the corporate sponsorship tied to ‘ethics’ and ‘conduct’, yet as a whole society is still drawn to; Tiger Woods, reality TV (Sex Rehab), the fashion industry and tabloid magazines featuring John and Kate Gosselin. We as a society have come full circle, we can say we are addicted to the media and not cover our mouth as if it were still a taboo.

Sex, Lies and Advertising

But whose sex is sold? And to who? If it was simply that just any old sex sold, we’d see men and women equally sexually objectified in popular culture. Instead we see, primarily, women used to sell to men. In cologne ads, hip hop video’s, fast food spots, internet services providers use it and in car commercials, to name just a few. Sex is everywhere!


Why do companies resort to selling sex? Is it to achieve their status? To create the impulse of passion? To show that they are among the ‘elite’ who have access to the most ‘beautiful people’ in the modeling industry? To instill a feeling of inferiority among the ‘common’ people that they need such products to feel attractive?


Who does all this effect in the long run? Our children. The youth of today play with dolls wearing fishnets and miniskirts; where a toy pole-dancing kit is sold separately, complete with a tiny garter and fake money. Pop culture and the advertising that surrounds it teaches young girls and boys about sexuality, only in ways that foreclose healthy, progressive and accurate understandings of sex in favor of using market-driven, and ultimately harmful, myths.

Our new ad campaign ‘Vice’ will poke fun at industries by creating hypothetical ads using companies that would not normally use sex to sell a product and what would happen if they all of a sudden did.

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  1. Ryan says:

    So true!!! No matter how much is too much ‘sex’, 100% helps sell products, and put $$ in the companies that do so pockets. How far these agencies push the envelope with what they can or can’t show is a questions that those that disagree will always ask, but we all know that ‘sex’ definitely works as it does one thing gets people to talk. The more impressions you can make and more talk on the streets you get get, this will help push sales and thus help the bottom line.

    Look at Paris Hilton being chosen as the spokeswomen for ‘Jack in the Box’ fast food chain in the US. Why on earth would a fast food chain choose a thin, very thin, always worried about her looks celeb to help promote their new menu products (burgers); because they knew what would get people talking and traffic through the doors!

    Sex sells and if we like it or not will always be a part of our advertising and better yet pop culture!

    Great read Procreator.


  2. Craig Waterfield says:

    Thanks Ryan, glad you liked it… I am going to continue writing on the subject.

    – Craig

  3. Christian-Ann Goulet says:

    I have to agree with you completely!! Makes me think about the godaddy site. When I started my business a couple of years ago I needed a website domain and someone suggested godaddy (it was reasonably priced etc.) I went on the site, very professional, had everything i was looking for and answered all of my questions so I bought a domain name and signed up for one year.
    A few months later I saw a commercial on TV with a very large busted, scantily dressed woman driving a car and another very large busted woman walking over to her. They exchanged sexual glances, I can’t even remember the conversation as all I saw was they wanted to do each other right there and then, and the whole time I’m thinking I have no clue what this commercial is for. My 7 year old son was also there and trying to devert his attention was useless. Anyway, the ad finished with a godaddy call to action. I was amazed. I thought, holy crap, what did I sign up for? I went to the website to find out it was the same credible useful site it has always been. I am a woman in business and had I seen that commercial (which obviously is selling nothing but sex and to men) prior to speaking with my friend I never would of used that site to puchase my domain name. I still don’t get it really…does the commercial say anywhere what godaddy is? Maybe its just me………….

  4. Nicole Bafaro says:

    I agree Craig, the challenge is to not cross the fine line between risque and offensive. You ony have to look at the groundswell of unhappy moms who can and have forced companies to re-market their products based solely on their perception of what may be appropriate and not. I do not relish the job of the Marketing/Graphic executive and the constant battle to be fresh edgy yet keep the campaign to a level that is acceptable to the public as a whole. Yet sex sells and will continue to push the bounderies…

  5. Debbie Salomon says:

    Craig, that is so true. I had my own experience with godaddy.com and the commercials which are running now. I also needed a website domain and was able to purchase one there for my website which is in construction. It is a very professional site and had my requirements completely. One day I come home from work and my husband is holding the Visa bill shaking it and says…what the heck is this??? I really thought he had finally lost it. He said “what the heck is this charge for godaddy.com.” I said remember…”.I am having a website completed currently.” Well apparently he had seen a commercial for godaddy .com as well with a female police office with a huge chest, flirting with a guy all awhile doing something suggestive with her night stick. There is no mention of what godaddy.com actually is. My husband at this point thinks that I am into some sex games with other people and have joined this sex club if you will. He even had to speak to a very good friend of mine to convince him differently. I fail to see how these commercials have anything to do with professional people building websites and quite frankly would not have used them either if I had known about the commercials. Its really a shame that they think they have to use that smut to get peoples attention…..would not proven success stories suffice….I wonder…………

  6. tera says:

    Indeed sex sells, and why not add glamourous lengthly extensions to the average every day housewife at an economical rate 500$ per head..

    The Dragon’s even know Sex sells..


  7. Craig Waterfield says:

    Well done! Tera you know how to use the media to sell a product! Good luck!
    When does your episode air?

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