02 Mar 2010

Newspaper 2.0: The end game

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There’s two seconds left on the clock, it’s the third, and last down. We’re on the twenty-something yard line folks.

Newspaper 2.0: The end game, will discuss the newspaper industry struggle to keep old readers captivated, enticing new followers who were ‘not born to read’, turn to other online resources – Most surveys predict that young people won’t read print editions when they grow older.

The swift change these local newspaper companies have made to a digital media company might come too late. News stories remain the main focus on these sites for the moment, other local information is increasing. The ‘end game’ for these online newspapers is to control rich databases of broad local content used to power calendars, recommendations, lifestyle services as well as neighborhood-level stories across multiple platforms.

Although many daily newspapers have attracted large numbers of monthly online readers, those numbers, except in rare cases, are a fraction of the numbers of people who read the equivalent daily newsprint editions. The average online edition reader reads much less frequently and far fewer pages than the average newsprint edition reader.

Which brings use to Data Mining

Data mining, which put simply is the process of tracking customer data. These online newspaper’s hope to discover new trends and patterns of behavior that previously went unnoticed. Smells a little Orwellian doesn’t it? But it is the future and we must embrace it, for these online newspapers need to quantify their existence to advertiser’s by selling their audiences ‘mouse clicks’ and other trackable data.

As social networking, gadget, and widget technologies grow, these new followers have a trusted pipeline of information that appeals to them are highly targeted, and work on their own terms. Newspaper companies that embrace these technologies hope to integrate advertising and content, to this elusive, ‘not born to read’ follower. It’s the ‘how’ they need to figure out.

The Big picture

So, unless local newspapers can monetize their appeal, local newspaper sites that still depend on run-of-site static display for most of their online ad dollars will fail. These media companies won’t see the increases in advertising that others who use search, targeted rich content, video, and online directories will enjoy. Every community has local experts who have accumulated more knowledge than freelance reporters, editors, and journalists, about local events, history, business, education, regional issues, weather and other topics. These community of experts manage there own rich content, videos, blogs and online directories. Why read the news when you can create it, I say!

Offering the News for free

The idea that newspapers must broaden their vision to become local information provider’s and connection portals, with products and services to touch every consumer and serve every business in a market. The concept, although not new, is to connect the whole market. A universe of consumers and businesses reaching well beyond readers and advertisers is what newspaper companies should be striving to reach. They should seek to address and touch the follower’s that aren’t born to read. – It’s all about creating a viral experience.

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