18 Feb 2010

A Snap decision: SNAP Newspaper Group’s growing appeal

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The new kid on the block, is gaining momentum. SNAP Newspaper Group’s growing appeal seems like it’s here to stay. Reader’s and advertiser’s don’t need to make another snap decision when it comes to this new community newspaper. The growing popularity towards SNAP is it’s photographically rich, free to consumers; capturing the life and entertainment and overall spirit in each and every community in which they’re published.

The tale of David and Goliath is playing out in your own backyards, quiet streets and local coffee shops. SNAP’s rapid growth and economic success can be attributed to their employees and franchises alike that are committed not only to the current and emerging growth of their local media businesses but to the overall success of the entire corporation.

SNAP Newspaper Group’s newly formed European Division will also continue to grow substantially. In addition to their current roster of 82 active and soon to be launched franchises, SNAP 2011 projections for the US, Europe and Canadian markets should exceed 500.

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  1. Christian-Ann Goulet says:

    So glad you are a fan of SNAP!!! You have to admire a company that recognized a niche in the newspaper marketplace (lack of customer service and support; genuine feeling that the newspaper cares about your business and will do what it takes to make you successful- a little thing called “empathy”) and hit the ground running. SNAP offers incredible appeal to the reader; not so much for the articles and ads but more so for their own egos. Looking for their friends and family, themselves, their event is an all around feel good experience- and they get to experience it each and every month!!
    In terms of the advertiser, SNAP has recognized that “PERCEPTION” – how the potential advertiser perceives you and your offering- is the single most important factor in their decision of where to put their advertising dollars (especially those companies that aren’t so marketing savvy- which is about 90% of them). This is something the larger community papers have chosen to ignore- which is why SNAP has been able to create a product that cannot be matched- no matter how large you are. Oh, don’t get me wrong, the larger newspaper companies tried to mimic/eliminate SNAP when they recognized how quickly they were growing but fell flat on their asses because they missed the whole point of SNAP. You can’t mimic an attitude; a belief system if you don’t truely believe it. SNAP will come out and cover your event; in fact they are more than happy to because their philosophy is to better the community whereas larger papers consider it a hassle and will make it if they can and if your business is deemed “worthy”. Not to mention the advertising dollars that are lost on these so called wasted good news community articles. Well, my rant is done and hats off to you SNAP..you are truely a leader in the newspaper world in my eyes!!!

    Note….SNAP has added an online component now and is offering video…here they go upping that bar again…yes!!!!

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